Giving Wisely: Passion 2012, The Gathering, Generous Giving Conference, National Prayer Breakfast, PAO Conference and Q

Why: Many high capacity givers experience their giving in isolation. They rarely discuss their giving because it is so difficult to find a community of like-minded and trusted people. Giving Wisely seeks to bring together high capacity givers at various events to meet and interact with other givers who share their same experiences and passions.

Who: Todd Peterson, David Wills, Daryl Heald

Project Description: The Principals of GGM attend several conferences around the nation that promote generosity in unique ways. These conferences provide opportunities to do break-out sessions on particular topics of generosity. They are also platforms for introducing individuals in our network to great generosity speakers and events. Seeing thousands of college students at Passion 2012 give over $3 million or hearing incredible testimonies at a Generous Giving Conference – these experiences help shape journeys of generosity.


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