World Wide Open (WWO)- Connecting givers around the world

Why: Effective giving is best when it is coordinated giving in community. We know as Christians that it can be remarkably encouraging for people to be together who are able to share and be inspired by shared ministry interests. WWO’s technology platform is designed to enable the global Church to connect and take action in ways that demonstrate unity. In next iterations, the system will connect individuals with other people, resources, opportunities and organizations that match their specific interests and experience – entering into community that looks a lot more like Acts 2 and less like the post tower of Babel reality.

Who: Sam Melvin, Nathanael Merrill, Henry Kaestner, Mike Schneider

Project Description: In addition to building the community portion of on WWO, we have supported the organization’s overhead to continue developing platforms for connecting people with opportunities to give based on their interests and calling.

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