Interesting statistics from

There are some great reports over at (you have to have a membership to access most of the content) – however, there is one section that allows you to look at some of the data below the… Read More

Incredible generosity for a young cancer survivor

The Portland Timbers, a Major League Soccer organization in the United States, granted the wish of one young fan who had survived his cancer. When asked what his one wish was, eight year old Atticus said that he… Read More

Radio Interview with Dr. Sas Conradie

Yesterday, I was interviewed by a radio station based on the West Coast of the USA. For a whole hour actually.The initial intention was to share about the Global Generosity Network. In the end we talked much more… Read More

When giving can do harm

Michael Pepper Project Manager, Global Generosity Movement Several Harvard Economic Development specialist have created a new giving platform to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Their tool, Give Directly, utilizes existing cell phones and their networks… Read More

Does financial transparency increase giving to organisations? The Chinese and Hong Kong indicators

Philanthropy and charitable giving are the lifeblood of civil society. The support of individuals and companies, voluntarily choosing to give their money to help others, is vital to the work of non-profit organizations (“NPOs”) around the world. But… Read More

Religious practices influence giving according to World Giving Index 2015

The 2015 CAF World Giving Index had just been published. The Index compares giving behaviour in different areas in different countries and then rank them according the percentage of people giving money to charities, volunteering in organisations and helping… Read More

Nepali People Help Each Other

After being hit by two major earthquakes in less than two weeks, the effects of the devastation in Nepal will be felt for a long time. But in the midst of the suffering and destruction, the generosity of… Read More

“Net” Worth of Fishers of Men

GMI published a very interesting infographic on global Christian giving recently. The infographic shows that Christians have enormous financial resources that they can use to spread the Gospel and help people in poverty. According to the figures used… Read More

Is it time for God to press the reset button on the global economy?

Many questions are being asked about how sustainable the current global economic climate is. In fact it seems that even the so called economic experts have run out of ideas on how to tackle the issues that are… Read More

Sacrificial generosity – moving into our generosity terror zone

I got a great shock when I heard about the attack on the aid agency in Kabul in which 3 South African aid workers died ( It was even a greater shock when I discovered that they are… Read More