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Translate Randy Alcorn’s Treasure Principle Into Arabic

  • Why: The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn is one of the key resources on biblical generosity. There are very few, if any, resources in Arabic on biblical generosity. Translating this book into Arabic will allow thousands of believers in the Middle East to discover the biblical message of generosity in their language for the first time.
  • Who:  Adel Azmi, Sas Conradie, Barbara Shantz (TWR), Michael Pepper
  • Project Description:  After securing international rights, TWR will translate and adapt The Treasure Principle to be more culturally appropriate for the https://sky.pro/media/kak-razvit-soft-skills/. 5,000 copies will be printed in Egypt to reduce the cost of shipping and provide easy distribution throughout the 16 different countries in our distribution plan. Some of these will be sold in bookstores and at churches; 2000 will be given away.

GGM CONTACT: Michael Pepper

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Regional & National Generosity Discussion

Why: The generosity movement is truly global when different regions and nations structure and run their own generosity campaigns. In addition to the resources we are creating for international distribution, these discussions allow Christians in different regions to decide what is culturally appropriate for their campaigns and how they would like to engage their constituencies.

Who: Sas Conradie

Project Description: Regional and national discussions are hosted in central locations on a regular basis with key church and network leaders. The purpose is to strategize and develop plans for their region pertaining to generosity.

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World Wide Open (WWO)- Connecting givers around the world

Why: Effective giving is best when it is coordinated giving in community. We know as Christians that it can be remarkably encouraging for people to be together who are able to share and be inspired by shared ministry interests. WWO’s technology platform is designed to enable the global Church to connect and take action in ways that demonstrate unity. In next iterations, the system will connect individuals with other people, resources, opportunities and organizations that match their specific interests and experience – entering into community that looks a lot more like Acts 2 and less like the post tower of Babel reality.

Who: Sam Melvin, Nathanael Merrill, Henry Kaestner, Mike Schneider

Project Description: In addition to building the community portion of GenerosityMovement.org on WWO, we have supported the organization’s overhead to continue developing platforms for connecting people with opportunities to give based on their interests and calling.

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Christian Technology Initiative (CTI)- Helping Technologist Serve

Why: CTI seeks to provide a platform for Christian technologists to give generously of their God given time, experience and technologies to small to medium sized ministries that are in desperate need of technological help to increase efficiency and scale their ministries. Ministries often do not know what tech solutions they really need. CTI matches excellent “techies” with great ministry technology challenges that will leverage their skills to further the Kingdom.

Who: Tyler Barstow, TJ Cook, Gabe Cooper, Jenn Castro, Sam Melvin, Mike Schneider

Project Description: GGM has incubated CTI to provide an avenue for Christian technologists to be generous. In its first year, CTI served over a hundred clients through volunteer technologists.


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Ministry Spotlight- exploring the “Where Give?” Question

Why: Though we understand that “Why Give” is the most important question we can ask, the question of “Where to Give” follows closely behind. Despite our best intentions, our giving sometimes does harm. Ministry Spotlight coordinates research into causes like “Clean Water,” “Microfinance” and “Church Planting” to help average givers get access to foundation-level information in a summary format that is useful to them in their giving decisions.

Who: Mike Schneider, Henry Kaestner, Jonathan Mitchell, Courtney Reed

Project Description: GGM is incubating Ministry Spotlight as it builds out a database of ministries to help users map out and sort what God is doing around the world in an easy-to-use interface. This tool (and all Ministry Spotlight resources) will be made available to givers free of charge.


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Giving Wisely: Passion 2012, The Gathering, Generous Giving Conference, National Prayer Breakfast, PAO Conference and Q

Why: Many high capacity givers experience their giving in isolation. They rarely discuss their giving because it is so difficult to find a community of like-minded and trusted people. Giving Wisely seeks to bring together high capacity givers at various events to meet and interact with other givers who share their same experiences and passions.

Who: Todd Peterson, David Wills, Daryl Heald

Project Description: The Principals of GGM attend several conferences around the nation that promote generosity in unique ways. These conferences provide opportunities to do break-out sessions on particular topics of generosity. They are also platforms for introducing individuals in our network to great generosity speakers and events. Seeing thousands of college students at Passion 2012 give over $3 million or hearing incredible testimonies at a Generous Giving Conference – these experiences help shape journeys of generosity.


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DurhamCares- “Love Your Neighbor”

 Why: We believe generosity initiatives need not only be overseas but also in our back yard. DurhamCares is a new model to help people give of their time and talents to their local community in ways that match their passions and skills. It is being designed and built out to be a model for replication in other cities.

Who: Heather Jones, Matt Miglarese, Jessica Metcalf, Henry Kaestner

Project Description: DurhamCares is incubated by GGM in order to prove out the model and plan the most effective ways to replicate its impact of helping people “love your neighbor” in their community.


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Dominican Republic Trip- March 3-9

Why: We have found that vision trips can be transformative events in the lives of western Christians – often leading to a deeper understanding of biblical stewardship and generosity. This trip provides families with an alternative spring break and an opportunity to see what God is doing in the DR and how they might participate. Traveling closer to the US also allows for a shorter, more cost effective trip.

Who: Henry Kaestner

Project Description: 20 people from 7 families will travel to the Dominican Republic to visit several ministries. The ministries focus on communicating the gospel through youth bible studies, sports ministry and micro-finance.

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Generosity Movement.org: website and community platform

Why: We needed one place for people to download and use the videos, find great resources, and interact with others. GenerosityMovement.org is a community platform that enables individuals and organizations to share great generosity resources.

Who: WorldWideOpen, Contemplate Design, Ted Barnett, Mike Schneider, Justin Borger, Sas Conradie

Project Description: This site was built on WorldWideOpen to provide a community platform in many languages. Both the videos and site are currently in translation so people from around the world can share their stories and resources. People can sign the pledge, find key verses related to generosity, and keep up with all the generosity-focused organizations in the network. You can learn more at: generositymovement.org/

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Women Doing Well: Research into Women & generosity- Phase I Completed

Why: Women and men are different in their giving and views of generosity. This 2-step research project seeks to understand these differences of motivation and action.

Who: David Wills, Daryl Heald

Project Description: The research was a 2-step project. This first phase of the project was funded in conjunction with the National Christian Foundation and Generous Giving.

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