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Women Doing Well: Research into Women & generosity- Phase I Completed

Why: Women and men are different in their giving and views of generosity. This 2-step research project seeks to understand these differences of motivation and action.

Who: David Wills, Daryl Heald

Project Description: The research was a 2-step project. This first phase of the project was funded in conjunction with the National Christian Foundation and Generous Giving.

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Praxis Labs- Investing the next generation of Entrepreneurs

Why: Our investment in Praxis is in recognition that, in addition to our treasure, we as Christians have an opportunity to give of our time, our talents and our influence. Praxis is an accelerator that surrounds the best and brightest entrepreneurial talent with industry leading mentors to create world-class ventures that look to transform society. This project provides the opportunity to instill generosity in the next generation of Christian entrepreneurial leaders and gives mentors the opportunity to give of their experience and knowledge to Christ-centered startups.

Who: Josh Kwan, Dave Blanchard, Henry Kaestner

Project Description: GGM has supported Praxis Labs in its first year with funding and strategic counsel.

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Malta Conference

Why: Sometimes we have the opportunity to encourage a collaborative effort between givers, ministries, churches and mission leaders around generosity. Opportunities like this have the potential to result in broad and coordinated generosity initiatives.

Who: Daryl Heald, Sas Conradie

Project Description: The group coordinating the conference brings together givers, ministries, churches, missionaries and mission leaders in North Africa. One of the GGM Principals will be delivering 2 seminars on biblical generosity as well as highlighting what is happening around the world in the generosity space.

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Mani Consultation- Speakers, videos and flash drives

Why: In many communities inAfrica, donations have created a culture of dependency rather than biblical generosity and abundance. Responding to this, the Movement of Africa National Initiatives (MANI) incorporated a focus on Generosity into its latest consultation inAbuja,Nigeria.

Who: Jonathan Onigbinde, Sas Conradie

Project Description: Jonathan Onigbinde led one of the main sessions and clearly articulated a call for biblical stewardship and generosity. We were able to support his message with 100 Stewardship Study Bibles and 275 DVDs of generosity resources and videos for leaders from across the continent. 400 leaders signed up as “generosity champions” to take the message back to their communities.

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Guatemala Sherpa Trip February 9th-13th

Why: Traveling as a family to see how the Kingdom is growing can be a life-transforming experience for all involved. These short vision trips give families an opportunity to spend their breaks from school and work in a way that is engaging and often leads to a renewed understanding of generosity.

Who: Daryl Heald, Wesley Hill

Project Description: The group will visit 5 ministries in 4 days throughout Guatemala. Many of these ministries work with orphans and underprivileged youth. Families will have the opportunity to see how God is moving in the country of Guatemala and interact with the ministry leaders and children.

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Convening Generosity Leaders- January 2012

Why: One of the ways we seek to accelerate the generosity movement around the world is by facilitating collaboration between those who are leading the way. In an effort to better champion each other’s work, scheduling regular meetings helps leaders in the generosity space move together and collaborate.

Who: Todd Peterson, Daryl Heald, David Wills, Henry Kaestner

Project Description: The Principals of the Global Generosity Movement host a regular time of fellowship and discussion with various leaders in the generosity space. These leaders are able to express where their hearts are passionate in the movement and see how they can better champion those passions. These meetings also provide the Principals with a clearer vision of where the Holy Spirit is moving in the generosity space – allowing them to better serve the work of the Kingdom with their efforts.

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Research: Global Generosity Motivation Project- Phase I & II

Why: There is yet no study that looks at the motivations for giving and generosity around the world with a focus on how organizations can better communicate with their donor base. This study was designed to create a survey instrument that organizations could use to improve their communication with givers in various cultural contexts.

Who: Allen Reesor, Daryl Heald

Project Description: The research was conducted among focus groups and interviews with high net-worth donors in theUS,UKandIndonesia. The results from the survey instrument conducted by Metadigm Research Group showed in great detail how givers think of the organizations and the people to whom they give. The research study also resulted in an instrument to be used by organizations to gauge the effectiveness of their communication with their givers.

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Video Production: The Handful of Rice tradition in Mizoram, India

Why: A present-day example of God using the “widow and her mite” is the story of generous giving in Mizoram,India. One of the poorest communities in the world not only supports its own churches, but sends out missionaries. We wanted to tell the story of how giving one handful of rice before each meal resulted in millions of dollars for the gospel.

Who: Rob Martin (Lausanne Standards), Alex Ganta, Prem Vennamalla (JMMIndia)

Project Description: We worked with Joyce Meyers Ministries in India and Rob Martin of First Fruit to capture the story. It was shown at Lausanne in Capetown and has been used by dozens of ministries and churches. We are now in the process of translating it into other languages for wider distribution. You can download it at: generositymovement.org/category/resources/videos

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Video Production:Gift of Generosity (Life is a Gift)

Why: The most important question about giving is “Why do you give?” The purpose of this animated video is to give a biblical and relatable answer to the question of “Why” in a way that motivates people to take action and begin thinking about living generously.

Who: Epipheo Studios, Eric Ankenman, Henry Kaestner, Ram Gidoomal, Sas Conradie

Project Description: We worked with the lead animation studio (Epipheo) to create an animation that could be used across cultural and demographic lines. After debuting the video at Lausanne, we made it available to other ministries and churches to incorporate their own logo at the end. It has become a useful tool for dozens of churches and ministries. You can download it at: generositymovement.org/category/resources/videos

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Global Generosity Network::Website and Document Translation

Why: We are seeing a movement of generosity in many regions of the world. In an effort to make all of our resources available to people in these regions, we are coordinating the translation of our documents and website into Spanish and Portuguese.

Who: Sas Conradie, Mike Schneider, Nydia Garcia, Fran Gonzales, Decio de Carvalho

Project Description: Nydia Garcia-Schmidt of the Wycliffe GlobalAlliance, Frank Gonzales of Crown Financial Ministries inLatin Americaand Decio de Carvalho of COMIBAM are looking at ways to encourage generosity and giving inLatin America. Their organizations are helping to translate documents and website into Spanish and Portuguese. Once this is done, it will enable resources to be posted from any region and shared with the others (e.g. a new Spanish resource can be posted and then translated into English).

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