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Translate Randy Alcorn’s Treasure Principle Into Arabic

  • Why: The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn is one of the key resources on biblical generosity. There are very few, if any, resources in Arabic on biblical generosity. Translating this book into Arabic will allow thousands of believers in the Middle East to discover the biblical message of generosity in their language for the first time.
  • Who:  Adel Azmi, Sas Conradie, Barbara Shantz (TWR), Michael Pepper
  • Project Description:  After securing international rights, TWR will translate and adapt The Treasure Principle to be more culturally appropriate for the Middle East. 5,000 copies will be printed in Egypt to reduce the cost of shipping and provide easy distribution throughout the 16 different countries in our distribution plan. Some of these will be sold in bookstores and at churches; 2000 will be given away.

GGM CONTACT: Michael Pepper

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European Generosity Discussion

  • Why: Regional direction from church and denominational networks is one effective way to engage broader groups of Christians with the generosity message. Meetings like this one bring together key Christian leaders to discuss how to better fuel the movement through their networks.
  • Who: Sas Conradie, Ram Gidoomal
  • Project Description: In collaboration with the European Evangelical Alliance, Sas Conradie will facilitate a meeting about generosity on April 20 in the Netherlands. 15-20 key Christian leaders representing different Christian networks will attend this discussion to develop a strategy to encourage biblical generosity, giving and stewardship throughout Europe.

GGM CONTACT: Sas Conradie

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