Global Generosity Network Partners

Global Generosity Network Partners


What is a Global Generosity Network Partner?

A Global Generosity Network Partner is an individual, church, denomination, organization, ministry, business or Christian network who:

a)      Has a passion for a global Christian culture of Biblical stewardship, generous living and Kingdom-focused giving; and

b)      Wants to work with others in catalysing such a culture.

 Opportunities for Global Generosity Network Partners

  • Contribute wisdom, ideas, time, expertise, publications, influence, training and networks to catalyze a global Christian culture of stewardship, generosity and giving for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.
  • Influence and encourage Christian stewardship, generosity and giving thinking and practice in churches, Christian networks, businesses, ministries and institutions.
  • Collaborate with other GGN partners on new initiatives, resources, strategies, training and policies and initiatives to exponentially and globally advance the importance of generosity.
  • Share and distribute resources and experiences with GGN partners, churches, networks and ministries.

 Interested in becoming a Global Generosity Network Partner?

Complete the Global Generosity Network Partner Application Form

 For more information contact Dr Sas Conradie at