What is the Global Generosity Network


Inspiring global Christian stewardship, generosity and giving

  • Is an initiative of the World Evangelical Alliance but collaborates with churches and Christian networks across the world.
  • Is a network of people, churches, ministries, networks and institutions that are working together to improve Christian stewardship, facilitate increased generous living and stimulate increased Kingdom-focused giving worldwide.
  • Has a dream of a global Christian culture of Biblical stewardship, generous living and Kingdom-focused giving and exists to achieve this dream (read the article A-dream-of-a-global-Christian-culture-of-Biblical-stewardship-generosity-and-giving).
  • Wants to see a revolution in Christian stewardship, generosity and giving.
  • Works to facilitate a dramatic increase in financial giving to Kingdom causes, especially for ministry in areas and groups with few if any Christians.
  • Challenges Christians to commit themselves to a generous life-style through the signing of the Generosity Declarations.


Dr Stephen Cho (Theological Education by Extension Korea), Bishop Cesar Punzalan (Chairperson Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches), Dr Zenet Maramara (Asia Theological Seminary in Manila, Philippines) and Dr Sas Conradie (Global Generosity Network) discuss collaboration over breakfast.